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Oil well accident in Stephens County

Near Duncan_An oil well in Stephens County, approximately 3 miles west of Duncan near Osage Road, created quite a mess after a valve went out,  causing gas, oil, and water to fly into the air, and onto nearby homes.  "When I first walked outside the first thing besides the sound was it was a mist in the air.  It was like a rain, a heavy mist, that covered your glasses and your clothing. It smelled of petroleum products.  It was a real problem." said Rex Ross, who lives near the well.

Three homes were evacuated while crews worked throughout the night, but officials say there is no real threat to residents there.  "The main hazard we had was just the slick pavement from the oil being on the blacktop last night, said Keith Hill, manager of Zenergy, Inc.  "We got it covered with sand.  That's the reason for roadblocking this part of the area until we got things pretty well under control.  But, as far as a potential health hazard, no, sir."

The oil company says the problem has been contained and an environmental company is helping with the clean-up.

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