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92-year-old veteran remembers 22 years of service

Lawton_After 92 years, retired Sergeant First Class Ernest Cuny remembers his time in the United States Army in five different languages - English, French, German, Vietnamese, and Swahili.  He was a linguist and interpreter for the Army for 22 years, fighting in World War II and the Vietnam War. 

Cuny has a lot of stories to tell, and Veteran's Day was the perfect day to reflect on many of them.  "I think of all the good things I've done, and the honor they give me with the medals," he said.  The honors given to the veteran tell a story through Cuny's perspective.  "It brings back a lot of memories from different people I knew. and different places I've been," he said.

He spent 22 years in the Army, serving in too many countries to count.  "Sometimes I wonder how I managed to escape getting killed," said Cuny.  "I've been in some tough situations in Normandy in '44, all the way to Paris, France - and never got a scratch."  Cuny also was in a helicopter when ambushed in Vietnam, and in an infantry of 220 was one of only six who survived - all three times, Cuny was one of the lucky ones.  "You gotta be thankful you're alive," he said.  You gotta be thankful you can visit these cemeteries, be thankful that everything worked out for you - but there are a lot of people it didn't work out for."

On Veteran's Day, Cuny celebrates his life, and remembers the friends he lost.  "It's quite a day, and it's quite a day for the people who survived," he said.  "They wonder how they got through it, they wonder how the good Lord spared them."

After 92 years, and all he has been through, Ernest Cuny says he still has a bright future ahead.  He says he has plans to be around until he's 100.  Cuny was a widower, but recently got re-married on his 92nd birthday in August of this year.

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