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Lawton Food Bank preparing unsettling number of families in need

Lawton_‘Tis the season for giving and the Lawton Food Bank would like to give every hungry family what they need, but it needs a little giving itself.  It's seeing more than twice as many families now than it did this same time last year.  More people are coming in on a daily basis; The food bank at one time served about 15 families per day, but they have already reached a new record this year - 60 families in one day.

Chaney Williams uses the food bank, an agency of the United Way of Lawton-Fort Sill.  He's disabled and cannot work anymore, and while he is living off of his social security check, it's tough for him to make ends meet without the Lawton Food Bank - he says it wouldn't be possible.  "It's very difficult because the simple fact is I'm used to making something a week, and living off something once a month is a whole big jump because I have bills that I can't pay," he said.  Those that I can they're on the verge of cutting off, and food is running low."

Beans, corn, meat, rice, and everyday inexpensive staples fill the bags and stomachs of hungry families when they must stretch their dollar wisely.  Chaney gets assistance from the food bank once per month, and he says it's a blessing that folks help the food bank any way they can. 

Executive Director of the Lawton Food Bank, Jeri Mosiman, says more people are coming to the food bank than ever before.  "Double the amount we usually see," she said.  "It's a little frightening actually."  Mosiman recently ordered the largest amount for the food bank than ever before, and on Wednesday, the truck rolled in with more than 22,000 pounds of food.  "This will go very quickly because we've been feeding double, as we said.  So this will be gone probably before Christmas," she said.

The food bank needs your help to keep food on the table of folks such as Chaney.  "I don't go to bed hungry because of places like the Lawton Food Bank," he said.  The 22,000-pound shipment cost the food bank about $650, and anyone who shops at the grocery store knows that there is know way you can purchase that much food for that price, there.  Mosiman says she can prepare seven meals for a family in need for only one dollar. 

Boy Scouts will be picking up canned goods around Lawton on November 15, so if you have received a notice on your doorstep, the scouts will pick up your donations, Saturday, from 9 a.m. until noon.
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