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Stephens County deputy wounds man during armed standoff

Stephens County_A shooting in the town of Comanche, Oklahoma put a man in the hospital and schools there on lockdown on Wednesday.  The incident began when the Stephens County Sheriff's Department got a tip on the location of Comanche resident Carl Lee Mayberry, Jr. who was wanted on an outstanding warrant connected to an escape charge.  The Sheriff's Department tracked him down and saw that he had a gun.  They surrounded him, which led to a standoff, and a shooting.

No officers were shot during the incident, but a deputy shot Mayberry in the hand, disarming him of his gun.  The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is investigating the incident to help determine whether the shooting was justified.

After of week of being on the lam, the Stephens County Sheriff's Department got a tip that Mayberry was at the Comanche Hop and Sack with a gun.  "The deputies were able to track him to this location," said Agent Richard Goss with the OSBI.  "A short foot pursuit ensued in which he [Mayberry] knelt down to the ground and stuck the gun to his head, and threatened to the deputies that he was going to kill himself."

Goss says that one of he deputies tried to talk Mayberry out of shooting himself, but the suspect would not agree to lay the gun down.  "The deputy saw the opportunity and he fired a shot, and actually shot the gun out of Mayberry's hand," said Goss.  Investigators measured the distance between the deputy and Mayberry and discovered that the deputy fired from 60 feet away.

Mayberry sustained only a gunshot injury to his finger and received stitches at a local hospital.  Goss says that each standoff situation such as this poses a unique set of circumstances - there is no definitive proper response.  "In this particular case, the deputy conveyed to us that he knew the man, that he had a wife and several small children, and he didn't think it would the way to go to commit suicide," said Goss.  "He was more concerned about the man and his children."

Goss says the OSBI must determine whether the shooting was legally justified, and cannot base their investigation on whether the shooting was morally right or wrong.  "We'll go ahead and complete our investigation, process all that, and the district attorney will determine whether or not the shooting was justified," he said. 

The Sheriff's Department says Mayberry was wanted on failure to appear in court for escape charges, and failure to pay fines.  Mayberry was spotted with a gun at about lunch time, so all Comanche Schools went on lockdown with no students being allowed to leave school until the incident was over.

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