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Arrests made in attempted robbery of Lawton Burger King

Lawton_On Thursday, three people were charged with attempted robbery after police say they tried to hold up a Lawton Burger King this week.  On top of that, police say that two of them may have robbed the same Burger King a couple of weeks ago.  Gerald Watson, Khandi Banks, and Christy Ridley are in the Comanche County Jail, each on a $50,000 bond.

Police say that despite Khandi Banks' best efforts to disguise her face, it was not enough to conceal her identity from workers at the fast food restaurant.  She used to work there.  Armed with guns, their faces covered with masks, and clad in dark clothing, Banks, Ridley, and Watson walked in to the Burger King on South Sheridan Road and demanded cash - a similar scenario a couple of weeks ago is still under investigation.

This time, workers there weren't so compliant.  They got into an argument with the suspects until they ran away.  However, police say Banks stood out.  "When they went in to do the robbery, there were people there that knew them," said Lawton Police Captain Will Hines.  "I guess they were former employees, and at least one of them was a former employee, and they recognized who they were."

Police say it didn't take long for them to put the puzzle together.  "Made it a little difficult for them to get away with it when they were recognized," said Hines.  Detectives say they recovered the masks used in the attempted robbery, along with the guns which turned out to be toys.  "Even though they go in with something that can not harm somebody with, we don't know that, the victims don't know that, so we take it just as serious as if it's a real gun or a plastic gun," Hines said.

While the robbery from a couple of weeks ago remains unsolved, detectives say they naturally are looking these suspects as in the first robbery, too..  "Two of the three certainly could have been involved in the other one - that is still pending," said Hines.

Police say the suspects had a motive for this week's attempted robbery.  The suspects told a detective that they needed to pay some fines.  Investigators say it could take a few more days before any of the suspects are tied to the previous robbery at Burger King.

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