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Lawton's Lincoln School turns 100

Lawton_In 1908, Lawton had a lot of farmland and a car cost about $800, while a stamp cost just two cents.  Lincoln School was the first school for many of Lawton's, and kids it turned 100 years old on Friday.  While just about everything else in Lawton has changed, Lincoln School remains a home a way from home for many of its students.

Friday's celebration was for all generations, and artwork of the 250 students filled the classrooms.  However, the spirits of the thousands of children who came before them over the last 100 years filled the halls. 

A celebration for current and former students - one of whom was at the event attended not long after the school opened.  Raymond Meyer is 96 years old and says he still remembers his days back at Lincoln from 1918-1924.  "My first teacher name was Margaret Fox, and she was a nice one," he said.  "I think she'd have nice things to say about me.  I kinda always thought maybe I was one of her favorites."

On Friday, Meyer walked the halls of Lincoln and thought back to the old times.  "In those days we didn't have all the things we have now," he said.  "It was playgrounds and picture shows."  Ninety years later his school friends are gone, but not the memories.  Meyer thought back on the memories of his old friends and the times they shared, as he joined the others celebrating Lincoln's first century.

The original building had eight classrooms.  Additions were built in 1922 and 1947 to add 14 more classrooms.  The building still stands, making Lincoln the oldest school in Lawton.
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