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How to feed your family on a budget this Thanksgiving

Lawton_A tasty Thanksgiving meal may put a dent in your wallet this year.  The average price for the holiday dinner has increased over the years, and since 1986 the price has almost doubled.  The American Farm Bureau says that families will pay about 6% more on their Thanksgiving dinner this year.  How can consumers cut costs without cutting down on the meal?

7News went shopping to find out, and discovered that shoppers needn't cut down the meal at all.  By shopping the sales, eliminating some brand names, and using coupons, holiday meals can be just as abundant as years past.  Reporter Laura DeMaria used this method and saved about $30.

Thanksgiving dinner is probably one of the most expensive family meals of the year, so in lean times, cutting that cost may be crucial for some.  "Saving is very important to me - especially right now in these economic times - saving is very important," said shopper Penny Hammonds.  "They can shop our ad that breaks Wednesday, and they can buy our private label which is usually a lot cheaper than national brands," said grocery store manager Kenny Wing. 

7News and the store manager filled two separate carts with typical Thanksgiving meal ingredients - turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and more.  Laura shopped using the sale ad, and Kenny filled a cart with the most popular brand names - the results were astounding.  Using the sale ad saved more than 30%. 

Kenny urges customers to grab a store ad, and shop with it.  "Walk the aisles and compare our sale prices on national brands to our private labels, and just shop right," he said.  Shopper Penny Hammonds has been purchasing her holiday food on sale the past few weeks, however she has been waiting on her largest purchase until Turkey Day.  "I'm still waiting to get my turkey - waiting for it to go on sale," she said.  "I'll be watching over the next week to pick the rest of my items up on sale."

For families with time constraints, another option is to purchase an already prepared meal from the deli.  They're bagged and ready to go, and all you need to do is heat and eat.

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