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Will 'Black Friday' be a dud this year for retailers?

Lawton_While it's the busiest time of the year for many stores across the nation, a number of the giants report a sales slump. For many of them, less employees are being hired, leaving many wondering if the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, will be a dud this year.

Christina Stiefer, a department store supervisor, says Black Friday is, "always very busy - we usually have a really good Black Friday!" But with sales down, retailers aren't sure what to expect this year and are forced to hire fewer people to keep prices down. "We're hoping that we can get them trained really well so that we give the same customer service that we did in the years past, even if we don't have many associates," said Stiefer.

So they are drawing in customers with big sales, as usual The sale ads are very thick, and she crosses her fingers that there will be plenty lining up in front. "We're hopeful," she said.

Reporter Laura DeMaria asked some shoppers if they will be shopping this Black Friday and got unanimous response. Shopper Angie Davis said, "I'm very excited. We go every year. We've been going every year for the past - probably 7 or 8 years." Shopper Lorie Barrington said, "Well, we can't wait! We can't wait because we do it every year - every year for I don't know how many years."

Lorie will wake up at three the morning after Thanksgiving to catch those sales and accomplish one jumbo task, "Get all my Christmas shopping done!" Lorie is doing exactly what retailers want - shoppers to get all of their Christmas shopping done at their store. Until Christmas is over, they're be pulling out all the stops to draw you in.

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