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Economy leads some to turn to crafting for Christmas

Lawton_Although some retailers expect a decline in gift sales, others are seeing an increase in shoppers as many head to secure purchases at arts, crafts and fabric stores to make their own gifts to give. "It's cheaper," said shopper Wynema Polllock who is making Christmas gifts. "You can find fabric that you can't find already made up, and that makes it special. Also, we're getting trim and things for our costumes."

Consumers may not be able to find traditional Old West costumes for family and friends to wear while caroling plus other things to give as presents. But, assistant store manager Shelby Van Horn says folks are being more creative this year. "Just making it more personal than they have in the past - more thoughtful, spending the money more wisely than they have in the past."

"Instead of going into any of the department stores and just picking something out, they're making a little more thought," said Kathryn Nerio of Hobby Store Fabrics. "With the economy the way it's been this year, they're trying to make better choices."

Many also are choosing to save money by making their own decorations, such as wreaths, garlands and special ornaments. It's a way to make things special and unique instead of mass-produced. Chris Smith who makes gifts agrees. "It's more personal, you can buy anything anywhere any more. But to take the time to make something is a little bit more special for the family and friend, and the money stretches a little further so you can give more."

She would not say what she was making or show what was in her shopping cart, "because then everybody who is watching Channel 7 News will know what they're getting for Christmas!" She says they will just have to wait till December 25th to find out what they get to unwrap.

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