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33rd Annual Great American Smokeout

Lawton_On Thursday people across the country attempted to burn bridges with cigarettes in the 33rd Annual Great American Smokeout.  In Lawton, tribute tiles on at school and college walls  displayed messages from students to smokers.  Dylan Malpass designed Gateway Success Center's Wall and dedicated it to his mom with the hope that she will quit smoking.  "I had to get out of classes, I had to do a whole bunch of makeup work, I had to convince my teachers to come down here and work on this," he said. 

Brent Doan is a local hairstylist who is trying to kick the habit, and received cards, candy, and cloves sent by friends to show their support of his effort to stop smoking.  "We know you will be able to do this I will be praying for you.  Love, Linda," was written on one card.  "It's been great, its been great," said Doan.  "I have great friends, I have great clients."

Phil Adrian is one of Doan's clients, and he quit smoking two years ago.  He says he knows just how tough it is.  "I probably quit a 1000 times before I was finally able to have enough willpower - enough determination," he said.  Doan says that keeping busy helps, and his clients are showering him with support.  He says that's what keeps him going in what is a constant struggle.  "This monkey's on your back all day long. It is on your back, it is digging in, it is not easing up," said Adrian.  But months later it's not bad, and you finally feel, ‘I conquered this thing.'"

"One of my dearest friends told me today, ‘If you need anything call me - I don't care what it is, what time, you call me.  I will bring it, I will do whatever,'" said Doan.  Phil Adrian provides support, too.  "I'm gonna call him a lot because today's the easy day," he said.  "Tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day - that's the tough days."

The Great American Smokeout began in 1977.  If you need help to quit smoking, call the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).  There are "Quit Coaches" on hand to help you.

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