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Stradley continues 20-year 'Turkey Trot' tradition

Comanche County_Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley made the rounds on Friday morning, not on official rounds, but to give back to the community.  After 20 years, Stradley is still going strong - giving away turkeys to those less fortunate.  Folks signed up through the sheriff's office to get the birds.  He says it's important to help others because you never know when you're going to be the one who needs help.  This year, almost 200 of Stradley's turkeys have made their way into people's kitchens.

On Friday, there were a few surprised recipients as Stradley used cold turkeys to express warm greetings.  Deborah Pickert has three sons and signed up to get a turkey from the Sheriff.  "They don't know we got a turkey yet," she said.  "They'll find out when they get home and look in the fridge and say, ‘Mom! There's a big thing in the refrigerator!"

Some recipients didn't sign themselves up for the turkey, so had no idea that Stradley was delivering this special gift.  Leanna Crocker got a knock on her door, and certainly didn't expect to see the Sheriff with a turkey on the other side.  She takes care of her 66-year-old mother who needs constant medical attention.  "It really means a lot, you know?"

Stradley says there are so many people that do have the ability to help those in need that they should help if they can.  "If you'll step out and help somebody - whether it's the Salvation Army, putting some money into the pot where they can help others - it's a great feeling," he said.  "So ‘try it - you'll like it.'"

Pickert says she was put on the list for her turkey when she called the sheriff's office.  "She asked me if I had a turkey for Thanksgiving, I told her, ‘No.'  She said, ‘Would you like one?' and I was like, ‘Sure!'"  Stradley says it's all part of his job.  "Not only do we protect them and serve them, but we try to help them and care about them," he said. 

This is Sheriff Stradley's 20th year to make these special deliveries, and almost 200 families will enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal.  The money for the birds didn't come out of his budget.  Many residents donated hundreds of dollars to the cause which is funded solely on donations.
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