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Faxon man caught molesting dog, charged with outraging public decency

Comanche County_In a disturbing case of bestiality in Comanche County, a Cache man says he came home to find someone molesting his dog.  Investigators say 38-year-old David Edwards of Faxon admitted to the crime and was charged on Wednesday with outraging public decency.

7News was able to tal with the dog's owner who says he witnessed the sickening event.  He says he had just returned to his home near Cache when he saw a septic tank repairman parked in front of the house.  He didn't think much of it since he had ordered the service call, but when he opened the gate to his backyard, he saw the worker kneeling down.  "When he approached the gentleman, he noticed he had his dog - he had a hold of his dog, and he was doing some unnatural things to the animal," said Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley. 

The dog owner says he couldn't believe what he was seeing - David Edwards was molesting his Yellow Lab Bella.  "He was using his fingers," said Stradley.  "He told the guy, ‘Hey what are you doing?'  The guy said, ‘I've never done this before.'"  Stradley says the dog's owner has a concealed weapons permit and pulled a gun on Edwards who initially ran to a neighbor's yard before returning.  Bella's owner held him at gunpoint until deputies arrived.  "When you think you've just about heard everything...this was a shocker," said Stradley.

Bella's owner says she seems to be doing fine following the traumatic experience, but he's glad his two little girls didn't see what happened to her.  "I think this is a sad situation - definitely got to be something wrong there," said Stradley. 

Edwards was arrested for crimes against nature.  Prosecutors say, however, that since he did not have sex with the dog, they changed his charge to outraging public decency.  He is free on bond.  Sheriff Stradley says this is the first bestiality case his department has worked in the two decades he has been in charge, and maybe the first such case ever in Comanche County.

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