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Gov. Henry comments on meeting with President-elect Obama

Statement from Gov. Brad Henry:

"The meeting with President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden helped pave the way for a strong working relationship between the nation's governors and the Obama administration.  I was particularly impressed with President-elect Obama's intellect and knowledge of the issues and his bipartisan approach, extending a warm hand of friendship to Republican governors.  I think everyone walked out of the room feeling that President-elect Obama is in tune with the states and the daily challenges we face and is committed to helping us as we work our way through the economic downturn.  He made it clear that we are all in this together, that dictates will not be handed down from Washington and that the states and the federal government will work more closely together as partners, not just during the difficult times, but at all times.

"President-elect Obama also expressed a strong commitment to an economic recovery package that will create short-term and long-term jobs and help lay the foundation for future, long-term economic prosperity by investing in infrastructure, such as road and bridge projects, in Oklahoma and other states across the country.  We have many needs in our state, particularly in the improvement of our transportation infrastructure, and I will be pushing to make sure Oklahoma gets the funding it needs and deserves as a recovery package is drafted.  

"Overall, I was very impressed with President-elect Obama's presentation today, especially his willingness to listen to and work with the nation's governors.  I don't think there is any question that the new administration will listen to our concerns, be sympathetic to the challenges we face in Oklahoma and do everything possible to help us meet and overcome our challenges."
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