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Lawton trailer fire leaves man homeless

Lawton_An early morning fire in southwest Lawton destroyed a travel trailer on Wednesday, but the travel trailer was actually a man's home.  J.D. Smith owned the trailer, but he wasn't the person living in it.  Smith let a homeless man move into the trailer, and he had been living there for the past six months.

Smith says he knows what it's like to be homeless and down on luck, because he had once been homeless himself.  "I want to see everybody with a roof over their head," he said.  But, on Wednesday, the trailer went up in flames, and the man fled.  "There was some concern about his safety, and also if something intentional had happened," said Assistant Fire Marshal Tim Taylor. 

However, Taylor says it was not intentional - it was only an accident - but, the trailer is a total loss.  "For whatever reason, if he was scared or thought he might be in trouble, he didn't want to hang around," said Taylor. 

Even without insurance, though, Smith says he remains optimistic.  "It's cold out, it's winter time," he said.  "Nobody needs to be out in the cold, and I just tried to help him out.  You help a person - good things always come back to you when you help someone else." 

No word yet on where the once again homeless man is living, but 7News has been told that he contacted the Salvation Army.

Count on 7News to keep you updated.

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