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"Toys for Kids" to begin collecting toys all year round

Fort Sill_Fort Sill is helping to spread the joy of Christmas to little ones whose parents are serving in the Army.  The program is called "Toys for Kids," not to be confused with "Toys for Tots," the nationwide program put on by the Marines.  "Toys for Kids" kicks off each year around Christmastime, and jumped into high gear on Thursday.

"Toys for Kids" assists Army families in need during the holidays, and has been growing strong for 20 years, and shows no signs of slowing down.  Colonel Peter Baker helped kick off the grand opening of the program at Fort Sill, and for months members have been collecting toys.

Santa took members on a tour, showing everyone all of the collected toys.  "Makes a kid just light up when you give them a present," said Santa.  "It doesn't have to be something he wanted as long as he gets a present."

The program is expected to help at least 400 local families, and in the past they have handed out toys for 1,000 children.  And now, for the first time in the program's history, they will not only be gathering up toys for Christmas, they'll be collecting them all year round. 

If you are in the Army and would like to get a toy or toys for your children, contact the MWR Office at Fort Sill.
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