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Editor of Cache's County Times passes away

Cache_The City of Cache has lost its voice.  Tommy Hawthorne, Editor-in-Chief of the County Times, died on Sunday night - he was 62 years old.  Hawthorne took over the Cache Times in 1992, and expanded the paper's coverage throughout Comanche County, renaming it "The County Times."  Hawthorne had a passion for County Government and telling other people's stories, and served on the Cache Public Schools board for several years

Hawthorne attended Cameron University and was a mechanic for years, but his interest in knowing what was going on in the community, and telling others about it led him to the newspaper business.  "He loved the challenge of new things, and he would really get into it," said Managing Editor Venius Matthys.  "He liked expanding and never being in one place.  He liked moving and growing and learning new things."

Hawthorne's cousin Arnold says he remembers the day Tommy took over the "Cache Times."  "I was really surprised when he came by the middle school when I was there and said he'd bought the paper, and was really excited about it," he said.  "I was real surprised about it, but it was a real passion he had."

Hawthorne had a passion for people, and steered clear of bad news as he always wanted to stay positive.  He told the stories of people who often get overlooked.  His friends say Hawthorne cared for everyone, and showed it.  "I have learned a lot from Tommy Hawthorne," said former employee and friend Debbie McDonald.  "I've learned community service, I've learned to be a servant to other people, to stand up to other people, and the main thing I learned from Tommy is to believe in myself."

Hawthorne also cared for animals, and brought a stray cat that he named "Tuesday" to the office - so named because that's the day the paper goes to the press.  "The City of Cache as well as Comanche County lost a very strong citizen," said Mayor of Cache Nolan Watson.  "Tommy Hawthorne was an idea man, he had an idea to make ideas better, and they often were."

Hawthorne's friends say he was always giving, and his stories were for the people of Comanche County - not for him.  "He was ornery, he could be stubborn, but he would do anything for anybody - and he was a great man," said Matthys.  "It was something he really enjoyed, and really looked forward to, since he had the paper," said  Arnold.  "I think he felt like he was the voice of the county."

Arnold Hawthorne says people will fill-in for Tommy, but he'll never be replaced.  He will be missed.  This week's edition of the County Times will go to press on Tuesday as regularly scheduled, and will be available for purchase on Thursday.  Count on 7News to let you know when services are scheduled.

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