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Jackson County sees great early turnout for school election

Jackson County_In Jackson County voters are deciding whether to consolidate the Eldorado School District with the schools in Olustee School District.  The primary reason for the proposed change is cost.  Superintendents of both school systems say it could save taxpayers half-a-million dollars in the first year.

The schools would also see about $300,000 more dollars from the State of Oklahoma each year that could help improve facilities, academics, and extra-curricular activities.  With the districts combined, the schools would have no trouble creating a ball team, and a new mascot and new team colors would replace the old. 

However, some parents may find it hard to swallow.  7th through 12th grade students in Eldorado would be bussed to Olustee, and pre-k through 6th grade students would stay in Eldorado.  The superintendents say the merge is something that should be done immediately for the kids' future success. 

Tuesday morning, the Jackson County Election Board says more than 100 of the 397 eligible Eldorado voters had cast ballots - only three who live in Olustee are eligible to vote in this election.

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