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Salvation Army Angel Tree

Lawton_The Salvation Army in Lawton would like you to be an angel and adopt and angel. If you do, you'll insure one child will have a Merry Christmas. Each December, the organization puts up what they call an "Angel Tree". The tree is filled with paper angels and each represents a needy kid and their wish list for Santa.

  The tree is in Central Mall but with only about 2 weeks to go until Christmas, it is still full of hundreds of angels. That means there will be many youngsters who may not get any presents at all.

   "These children are from families that are low income. If they do not receive a gift from us through the Angel Tree they probably would not receive a toy or a present on Christmas Day," said Salvation Army Captain Cristina Murphy.

   Carol Vanessendelft is no stranger to the Angel Tree, she makes it a priority to adopt an angel every year.  "I like to do it because I feel like ya know everybody should give back. If everybody was to give we wouldn't have these trees full of these names," she said.

   7NEWS wanted to do what we could to help out, so we sent a team to adopt angels on our behalf. First they went down to the mall, picked 2 angels and headed to the store to buy items from their wish lists. Armed with a check from the station and our angels, we spent our time carefully deciding what items we should get. We found electronic games, board games, as well as clothes and shoes. After about an hour, our cart was full.

  After buying all of the items on the angels -- and a little more -- we took the gifts back to the mall and we were finished. The Salvation Army staff then loads the presents in Santa's Sacks.

  Over 200 angels remain on the tree at the mall, another 100 angels hang on a tree at the Cracker Barrel on Gore Boulevard. If you adopt an angel from either location, make sure you bring the items back before December 17th.

The Salvation Army will pass out the presents to the families on December 20th.

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