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Don't be late...ship your holiday gifts now

Lawton_The Lawton Post Office says if you want your Christmas packages to arrive on time, ship them now. Postal workers always get really busy this time of year and they say by taking a few simple steps, you could really help them out. You could even help someone else's package get to its destination a little sooner.

   The Post Office says earlier is better when it comes to shipping. It's even more important if you're sending packages to a military installation. Marianne Cooper is shipping Christmas presents off to Virginia. "I'm just trying to make sure they get there by Christmas...I'm praying...[laughs]," said Cooper. Getting them there on time is important to her. "It's a way to touch people's lives that you don't see everyday," she added.

   If Cooper does it right, her small contribution could help the post office during a very busy time. Postmaster Robbie Steelman says there are a few do's and don'ts that will keep everyone's mail running on time.

  "It's very good for the customer to be prepared when they come to the office." said Steelman. He says to make sure your packages are cushioned properly and sealed up well. That way they won't have to make changes at the window, which could cost valuable time.

  Steelman also says the time of day you mail your packages matters. "Do not wait till the last part of the day. If at all possible, come on in the morning and try to get those packages mailed out." Steelman adds, "The sooner we can get those packages on the airplanes or trains or semi tractor trailers the sooner it's gonna get to our customer."

  It's also good to make sure re-used boxes have all the old labels stripped.

 Steelman also says where your packages are going matters, too. Different locations guarantee different delivery options -- such as next day delivery.

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