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Holiday fun for your pets

Lawton_The City of Lawton's Animal Shelter is working to make sure that pets don't get left out when it comes to having a gift under the tree.  Its annual gift basket program has been a great success in the past, and the shelter is depending on you to ensure this holiday tradition continues this year, especially for those pet owners who are having to deal the limited incomes.

So far people have donated pet sweaters, food, litter boxes and some toys for the baskets.  In the shelter, the animals stay warm and eat regular meals, but that's not the case for every pet in town. One donor to the gift program is Jodie Bedford.  "There are a lot of organizations out there for people, homeless people and such.  I think people tend to forget about the animals and people are their best advocates."

The shelter wants to help folks with pets who depend on government assistance-and not just those who have cats and dogs. Kennel Master Anne Buchanan says, "We have people with ferrets and bird and hamsters and rats and snakes and everything, so any kind of animal thing is welcome."

The shelter, which has been making the gift baskets for more than 15 years, will take any kind of donation but some special needs top the list such as leashes, food for cats and dogs, chew toys and dog bones.  The shelter staff stresses the baskets are a great way to help those in need provide some pampering for their pets.

The Lawton Animal Shelter will help Lawtonians get a gift basket if they call 581-3219 until December 19 to have their names placed on the list.  Donations also are welcome, but they are needed as soon as possible.  The gift baskets will be distributed December 23 and 24.    

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