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More questions surround Cotton County inmate's death

Walter_New information on the Walters man who died in the Cotton County Jail Wednesday morning. The Walters EMS released their run sheet times from the morning Daniel Ritchie died. They say they didn't get a call that a man at the Cotton County Jail needed help until 10:34. That's more than half an hour after the sheriff's department says they made the call for help. Cotton County Sheriff Paul Jeffrey said he could not explain the discrepancies in the sheriff's department log sheet and the EMS times. He says there may have been a breakdown in communication.

  Walters EMS tells 7NEWS the sheriff's secretary called the police department at 9:52 instead of EMS. Police told the jail secretary to call EMS. But they say she called police back at 10:32--without calling EMS again. It's a big mix-up that Daniel Ritchie's family says still doesn't add up and they want answers.

  "No something is wrong, somebody dropped the ball somewhere and I want to know who because this man died for no reason," said Ritchie's former girlfriend Carol McCormick.

  But Carol says she's not getting straight answers. "I am just very, very confused to be honest with you. I'm upset about his death I'm very confused over what happened," Carol said.

  Ritchie had multiple sclerosis, a heart condition and back problems. He was barely able to get around. "They had no facilities for him because he was in walker well if they wanted him in jail they could have put him in the prison wing at the jail at the hospital," said Carol.

  Neighbors and family say he was a good man. And that he shouldn't have died like this. "I lost a good friend that's all I can say I he was a good neighbor," said neighbor Betty Snider.

  7NEWS also talked to Ritchie's niece in Pennsylvania and she plans to file a lawsuit for wrongful death. She's in contact with an Oklahoma City attorney, who the family says can help get them some answers. "I want to know and so does the rest of the family we all want to know. We want to know what happened," said Carol.

   Ritchie told several of his neighbors and family members he wouldn't survive if he was put in jail. He even left a letter to his daughter-in-law under a table in his house telling her what to do with his belongings.

  The coroner says the cause of death was cardiovascular disease and he is waiting on toxicology results that will show what medications were in his system.

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