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Rebuilding Trinity Baptist Church

Lawton_Repair work in the wake of the Trinity Baptist Church fire in Lawton already is underway with the broken glass doors being boarded up by church members and volunteers. The chandeliers and roof panels fell in and while the burned area is potentially dangerous, those who minister in the church stress that the church is actually the people involved there, not the bricks and mortar.   D.J. Walter is Children's Minister. "It's a sad thing to see the building go down but the church is made up of the people, not just the building.  Even though it's sad, and we don't have the building right now, we're still a church together, and we're still going to praise God."

Flames and smoke destroyed the piano, the organ and nearly a dozen of 20 newly installed chandeliers but did not hurt any members of the church. "It's going to take some time to destroy everything that we lost, but we're grateful that there are no souls that were missing."  Minister of Music Xavier Abraham said, "You know, this is just a building that got hit, but that's about it."

The church made it through a disaster before when a tornado ripped the roof off the children's wing several years ago.

"...we all rallied together, same as we did then, and I know we'll come through." The electricity is shut off and water from fighting the blaze still fills the floor.  It's a lot of memories, a lot of history, a lot of sentimental stuff attached to the building. It is just a building, but there's a lot of memories that we made at this building, at this church, so it's really hard to see it all gone."  A sign remains on the children's wing reading "your prayers make a difference." Several other churches have offered their buildings for the Trinity Baptist congregation to use.   

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