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Winter weather hard on homeless

Lawton_Lawton Police have identified a homeless woman who died early Tuesday morning.  44-year old Sylvia Bosin and other homeless people were staying in a house where her body was found, and what caused her death still is being investigated.  Authorities say the cold weather could have been a contributing factor.  "We can only speculate, but my personal opinion...absolutely that could have been a contributing factor.  It's really getting cold out there and the elements take their toll on people," says Lawton Police Captain Will Hines.

   Those who run area shelters are urging those without a home to seek out a shelter and not to stay in vacant houses.  Captain John Murphy of the Lawton Salvation Army said, "People are staying in other buildings so it is a very dangerous situation this time of year." Abandoned houses like these exist all over Comanche County and some people believe they have no other option than to remain in them for some sort of respite from the elements.  "It's going to be too cold.  They are going to be tempted to start some sort of heat source and thing that catch on fire could easily burn the building down.  The option they have is to find a shelter and come to it."

   Unfortunately Bosin and some other homeless people were staying in a house with no heat or electricity. The person who was looking after the home was not available for comment but a relative said they were staying there without permission. Local shelter representatives encourage those not in heated facilities to go to a shelter as they are designated as a safe haven. "People just need to get here if they can, and spend the night inside with some heat." Six vacancies were available Monday night at the Salvation Army, 13th and E Ave.  Those in need can call 211 for shelters in their area.


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