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Lawton utility bill going down

Lawton_Starting in 2009, utility bills will drop by $2 for Lawton residents. The Lawton City Council voted to remove the fuel surcharge at their meeting Tuesday night. Customers will see a $2 off their monthly bill -- the city will see about $50,000 less each month. Lawton citizens say they've been waiting for this surcharge to disappear since gas prices started going down several months ago.

   Looking at your Lawton utility bill, you see a number of surcharges...from fuel, to sewer, to waste. When you add all those surcharges together, the total is likely higher than water. That has many people asking...what are all these charges? "Every dollar counts because at the end of the bill you're taxed. I mean you're taxed for things I never heard about," said Lawton resident Belinda Smith.

   Now one of those charges will be removed. When gas prices went down, city officials decided it was time to take down the surcharge, too. "I've had people tell me that once something goes on their utility bill it never comes off so January 1st at least part of that utility bill will be revised and two dollars will be coming off in January," said Lawton City Manager Larry Mitchell.

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