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Duncan hopes to gain a lot...by getting fit

Duncan_Duncan's business growth is bursting at the seams, but the City of Duncan is ensuring its residents aren't.  On Wednesday, enrollment opened for "Duncan's Biggest Winner Fitness Challenge."  The Duncan Chamber of Commerce, Duncan Power, and Duncan Regional Hospital are teaming up to challenge the residents of the town to make healthy lifestyle changes - and there will be a winner.  The winner of the challenge will not only be healthier, but will receive a free trip for two to a resort of their choosing. 

The challenge is not about how much weight the winner has lost, but about how fit he or she gets, and how close the individual comes to meeting their goals.  The challenge is about accruing points rather than losing pounds.  The challengers can forget the holiday gorging.  Duncan residents such as Cindy Reynolds are getting fit.  "During the holidays we put fitness behind the scenes, and I think it's a great way to bring it back up and get into the healthy lifestyle early before the first of the year," she said. 

Debra Burch, Duncan Chamber of Commerce President, says that the fit program will not only get individuals in shape, but also the local economy.  "We came up with the idea that a healthy business community starts with healthy individuals," she said.  She says that as waistlines slim, business and personal budgets may get fat.  "If we're more healthy our insurance rates go down," she said.  "A lot of companies are self insured - if they're large.  Even the City of Duncan - with their insurance plan they have a way that if people participate in certain healthy activities, they get some of their co-payment back."

Over the course of six weeks, participants will track points earned by going to the gym, fitness classes, not smoking, and reaching a desired fitness level.  "We want them to make a lifestyle change that will make a difference forever," said Burch.  "If you can do it for six weeks, you can get that down."

A desired lifestyle change is a little easier to work toward if there is an incentive, such as a relaxing resort trip.  The City of Duncan says the "Fit" program will help to draw more spending for local businesses, and they anticipate an increase in gym memberships and spending at athletic stores. 

Tune in each Friday at 6 p.m. to check on the progress of 7News Reporter Sylvia Corkill who will be signing up for the six-week challenge on Thursday.

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