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City of Duncan prepares for potential ice storms

Duncan_It has been a fairly warm winter, but Duncan city officials say that it hasn't kept them from anticipating an ice storm.  They say the two most dangerous factors in an ice storm are downed power lines and slick roads.  This year they say they are ahead of the storm and are well-prepared. 

Public Works of Duncan received a new sand truck this summer, and it already has been put to good use - only last week they used it about three dozen times.  Duncan Power and Electric (DP&E) says it has been checking power lines to ensure that they are clear of trees and branches. 

DP&E Director David Yeager says that clearing bare limbs will keep electric crews from working overtime this year.  "We had that big windstorm, and all the leaves came off the trees," he said.  "So there's just less of a tree for the ice to accumulate on, and just less weight."  Less weight means that the limbs are less likely to fall into power lines.  However, just as in previous ice storms, Yeager says folks should be prepared for a bit of a wait to get service. 

Public Works Director Scott Vaughn says that when ice is built up on power lines, it's likely to be built on roads - roads they can't always get to.  "Certainly, even when we do put down sand, we're not sanding every linear foot of every street.  We're only sanding intersections and areas around facilities," he said.  "We don't have the resources to sand every street."

The streets that do get sanded are based on priority.  "First of all, we will sand  emergency service stations, fire stations, police stations, city hall, our facility, then hospitals and schools - anywhere where there is a high demand for traffic," said Vaughn.  He says that during an ice storm, if you still have power, the safest thing to do is to stay home and off the roads. 

In the event of an ice storm, public works officials say that if trees around your home fall down and block traffic, they will cut them down and remove them from the line of traffic.  It will be up to the homeowner, however, to dispose of the limbs or tree.
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