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Countdown to the DTV switch

Lawton_You've probably seen the ads running for the DTV switch. February 17 is less than two months away. That marks the official switch to DTV, and it means that some television sets will no longer receive television signals: those older sets with antennae that receive their broadcast signals through the air. It will not apply to the older sets, which are not DTV-ready if they are hooked up to cable or satellite.

You probably have seen the ads running for the DTV switch. Semeke Austin selected cable to get her television signal. "I got cable because my antennas are not going to work any more." Richard Beamesderfer lives in a rural community and does not have the option of getting cable service so he opted to apply for a converter box coupon. However, after it arrived in his mailbox, he made a different decision. His family purchased a new television set that is digital-ready. "We decided to get a flat screen TV so now we are ready for it, either way." Now he is offering his coupon to someone else who might need to get a discount on a converter box.

Rains Appliance's Brian Gosnell notes many have decided to purchase new sets. "Sales are up this year 15-20% with people knowing about the switch to digital televisions. I think it is fantastic. You get a lot better picture than what we are used to. It is a good thing. They are finally getting everybody to an even playing level so everyone can get the same type of picture."

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