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Parents able to track kids by cell phone

Lawton_New technology is allowing parents to have more control over their teens lives. Parents now are able to track where their teens are through their phones. Some kids tell their parents that they're going to go to a friend's house while going somewhere else - it's an age old routine. But, the game may be over. More and more cell phone carriers are beginning to include GPS systems on their phones.

Everyone knows that nowadays a cell phone is a kids best friend, however new technology may cause teens to run far away from their phones - for good. Parents now are able to track their children, setting the phones up to track where their child is - and where they go.

The new technology will send parents a text message to notify them if their teen is somewhere they aren't supposed to be. Parents can then log online to find out where their child is, or the child's phone will notify the parent via text message.

While parents love the idea, teens are aprehensive. Parents find it a good idea for keeping track of their kids, but teens feel that it may be an invasion of privacy.

Some of these devices cannot be turned off - parents can track their children without the child even being aware.

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