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Teen recovers from facial reconstructive surgery

Altus_An Altus teen recently underwent radical reconstruction surgery on her face. Laura Bacon had radiation treatment on a cancerous tumor behind her eye when she way four years old, and it removed the tumor. However, it also stunted the growth of her bones in the area where the tumor was removed.

Laura hid the disfigurement for a while with her hair, but this week, surgery marked a great step toward a whole new look for the young woman. Laura is getting plenty of rest and loving attention from her family, but in the long term, she may have to have a few more surgeries - Laura will have jaw surgery, and get her braces off.

Laura's mother says the operation this week went so well that the others will seem minor, and doctors say that she should be healed from the procedure in about two-weeks. Laura's mom is nursing her - keeping an eye on the stitches and applying ointment, along with keeping her comfortable.

Laura's surgery left her weak, and unable to speak loudly, so her parents got her a bell to alert them if she needs them. Laura's looking forward to her future and says the sky's the limit. "I ll just see myself differently, and have a more positive outlook as soon as I get better," she said.

Laura and her family will go back to see the doctor on Tuesday, and visit another the following week. Doctors say that her prognosis is good. Laura's mom hopes the girls successful surgery will inspire others facing similar circumstances.

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