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Burglary suspects jump from car during police chase

NEAR FLETCHER_ A police chase took an unusual twist on Saturday, when authorities say two burglary suspects jumped out of a car that was going about 40-miles-per-hour. The Comanche County Sheriff says it all started when a man saw a suspicious car parked in front of his mother's home near Fletcher. He knew something was wrong when he saw two strangers come out of the home and get in the car. The man called 911 and chased the suspects until Fletcher's police chief got involved.

"As they were going down the road, two of them bailed out, the man and a woman bailed out of the car while it was moving. We did find the vehicle and arrested the guy who was driving it. We're still looking for for the other individuals," said Sheriff Kenny Stradley.

The department's tactical team spent most of the day and evening searching fields, barns, and abandoned homes along North Drive and 180th street in hopes of finding them.

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