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Some Comanche County Courthouse offices get facelift

Lawton_The Comanche County Courthouse is getting a much-needed facelift.  At least two departments on the first floor are getting an overhaul.  Since Comanche County is growing, the courthouse is running out of room to store confidential information that moves through the courthouse on a daily basis.  The renovations to the courthouse are specifically slated for the first floor of the building where the tax assessor's files are held, and where the Juvenile Bureau offices are located. 

When changes to the courthouse are completed, the staff will be able to enjoy a more comfortable working environment.  "We are on top of each other," said Juvenile Bureau Administrative Assistant Sheila Hawk.  "When you are dealing with confidential information it makes it hard because you've got people that are sitting in the lobby that can hear everything people are saying."

Maintaining juveniles' confidentiality is mandatory.  "We have one position that handles sensitive information that needs a little more privacy in conducting business, so this will allow that to take place," said Juvenile Bureau Director Rick Lowe. 

The assessor's office also has confidential information on file, and a large number of the files they must keep for a number of years.  The growth of Comanche County brings more files, leading to less space.  "We are all running out of space, so it is up to them to find the space and help everybody out," said Comanche County Assessor Charlotte Hamilton.  Of course, not all departments at the courthouse can be helped at once.  "We take it on an as-needed basis," said Comanche County Commissioner Ron Kirby.  "Usually we try to get the most critical areas first." 

Once the facelift is complete, the Juvenile Bureau's office will be expanded to the area the Assessor's Office holds its files.  The Assessor's Office will move files to where the old jail once was located, and the old jail will be converted into 500 square feet of new office space.  The remodel is not only for the employees - it's for the public.  "It is a public building - it is the people's building and the tax payers have got to approve this," said Kirby.  "We hope it is an enjoyable experience for them - and a pleasant one - when they have to come to the courthouse."

The estimated cost for the renovations to the Comanche County Courthouse is just over $40,000, and the work will begin within the next month.  It is expected that construction will be complete within 45 days.  Other renovations to the building include repairing ceiling tiles on the third and fourth floors, and with the exception of painting the outside of the courthouse, this remodel should be one of the last they do for the next couple of years.
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