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Good Samaritan pulls woman from flipped vehicle

Comanche County_A crash near Elgin on Tuesday morning trapped a woman inside her vehicle.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) says she was driving a Ford Explorer when she attempted to pass another vehicle.  She didn't make it around that truck, and hers skidded then flipped over for about 1/10 of a mile, coming to rest upside down and trapping her inside.  Wichita Mountain Estate Rescuers thought they were going to need the jaws-of-life to remove her from the vehicle, but the efforts of some good Samaritans changed their plans.

A witness told 7News that as the woman tried to pass the truck in front of her on a two-lane road, the driver of the truck tried to pass at the same time.  The trooper said that to avoid hitting the truck, the woman drove across the road and skidded into the ditch.  Drivers of the vehicles in front of and behind her stopped and called for help, but they didn't sit by and wait for emergency responders to arrive - they took action themselves.

Although Edward Stephenson's hands were cut and bloodied, he said it was a small sacrifice.  He punched and pulled out the windshield of the trapped woman's vehicle to help free her.  "We pulled the glass out," he said.  "You can see where I injured my hand, pulling the glass out so we could get to her, and stabilize her.  After we stabilized her, I told her to keep talking.  I told another gentleman to keep talking to her...asking her questions; her name, how many children she has, stuff like that."

Stephenson had been driving directly behind the woman when she went to pass the truck in front of her.  The driver of the truck that the woman attempted to pass turned around and came back to help the woman who was hanging upside down by her seatbelt.  "After we tore the glass back, I had a gentleman stand on the other side of it to stabilize it so it wouldn't roll over," said Stephenson.  "After we did that, we secured her and then the ambulance came, and they pulled her through the windshield.  We pulled the glass up and held it up while they extracted her from the vehicle."

Although Stephenson made the 911 call and put himself in harm's way to help rescue the woman, he says he doesn't consider himself to be a hero.  "It's just something that happens," he said.  "You see a fellow person in danger, you try to do what you can to help them - it doesn't matter.  Everybody's a hero on this one.  There's not really just one single hero."

The OHP investigator says the woman's seat belt probably saved her life.  He says airbags only work for a short moment after going off, but the seat belt continued to restrain the woman as she did 1-3/4 rolls. 

The 39-year-old driver from Texas suffered head injuries and remains in serious condition at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

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