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Apache dogs live in inhumane conditions

Apache_In April, 7News brought the story of some dogs living at the center of town in Apache - in their own filth. The dogs belonged to the Apache Court Clerk Kerwin Kardokous who promised that he would find the dogs a home. However, he continues to have a dog problem - this time it's new.

Several residents in Apache say they have complained to the city several times about Kardokous' dogs. Some live around his old trailer, and others around his house. They say that the dogs not only are a nuisance, but may be neglected.

Apache residents say they are fed up and that city officials are doing nothing. They blame Kardukous. While the dogs are gone from a building where they once were, cages remain everywhere and cats often are seen roaming the site.

Residents of Apache say that Kardokous has three four dogs and 7News found all of their food and water bowls empty, along with animal carcasses littering the premises, and dogs on the property had chains grown into their skin without shelter.

The City of Apache's mayor and animal control officer say they have received no complaints.

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