Lawton residents find bank unexpectedly closed

Lawton residents arrived to find Bank of America closed and the doors locked. On the door was a sign that read it was temporarily closed. One customer had driven 90 miles from Hollis to find the doors locked tight, and it had him and many others worrying and wondering why they didn't have access on a busy post-holiday payday.

A spokeswoman for the bank confirmed that there was an equipment malfunction at the branch as car after car in the span of less than an hour Friday morning appeared.

Shaun Hamilton has banked with Bank of America for six years since he opened an account in Missouri. He continued to use its service since he moved to Lawton. But, today he was worried. "Is it temporary? Is it permanent? Don t know. Do I need to take my money out? I don t want to go through that hassle. Hopefully they will open up and I will stay with them, of course."

7News still has no details of why the bank was closed, but the bank spokeswoman says the branch will be open for extended hours on Saturday to accommodate customers that did not receive service.