Askins to run for Oklahoma governor in 2010

LAWTON_ Duncan native and Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins has made it official. She tells 7News she will be a candidate for the state's highest office in 2010. Askins tells us she's been considering the run over the past year, but wanted to wait until after the 2008 election cycle before announcing her intentions. She plans to make her formal announcement later this month.

"I have just been amazed by the people across the state of Oklahoma who have asked me to seriously consider it. I think there will be some tough challenges two years from now, certainly we've got a couple of years of the legisltature and Governor Henry to accomplish more things, but I think we're in for some tough times and I think people are looking for someone that has a record of making decisions by working on building a consensus and I believe that's my qualification," said Askins.

She will likely face off against another top Oklahoma Democrat, Attorney General Drew Edmondson, during the primary election.

On the Republican side, Congressman Tom Cole, and Congresswoman Mary Fallin have been mentioned as possible candidates.