Wii used as a form of rehab therapy

Lawton_ The Southwestern Medical Rehab Center is using the Wii as a form of therapy for their patients. Using the popular toy helps patients have fun with their therapy while still completing the necessary goals of therapy.

Patient Raymond L. Darby recently had his leg amputated just last week and he believes that using the Wii is going to make his endurance better."After my amputation I have one leg that I have to depend on, that's my left leg. They are helping me get strength into my left leg and hips so I can walk with a walker," Darby said.

The therapists at the center have seen a change in Darby since he has started using the Wii.   "Eye-hand coordination, his stamina, his endurance. He has gotten a lot better and we would like to think that the Wii was just part of the total package," said Occupational Therapist Assistant Victor Corral.

Raymond enjoys the time that he spends on the Wii and at times he feels like he is really inside of the game. "I wanted to knock him down man, and the third round I finally knocked him down. I seen the bottom of his feet," said Darby.