Residents in Ringling dealing with loss after fatal fire

Ringling_New developments in the early morning fire that killed 3 people in Ringling early Monday morning. The fire killed 2 teenaged sisters and their mother's cousin. Officials did find drug paraphernalia in the house, the type used to make meth, although they've stopped short of saying that's what caused it. Also early Monday, another fire burned down a shed in Ringling. Fire officials now say the 2 fires are connected but they are still investigating.

Meanwhile, Ringling students are mourning the deaths of their friends Megan and Kaylee Frasier. "They're concerned they're confused, they really don't know like in a situation like this you know there's not an answer to why anything would happen of this nature and they're hurt their classmates are gone and they're grieving for that loss," said Ringling Public Schools Superintendent James Miller.

Miller says they have 1 full-time counselor and 2 teachers that are certified counselors on staff. But because this tragedy is so devastating, school officials decided to bring in more counselors to make sure everyone who needed counseling would have that opportunity. "There are just a lot of emotions that the kids are going through and sorting out and we're trying to help them deal with that and trying to do the best we can."

Miller says the town of Ringling is very small, the kind where everyone knows everyone and misses every lost one. "I've just been here a short time, but I know both of the girls, very sweet girls, very sweet personalities, and really good kids."

The funerals for the 2 girls and their cousin will be held Saturday, January 10th at 2 o'clock in Ringling at The Assembly of God Church.