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Sooners vs. Gators!

Lawton_The national championship is at stake when the Oklahoma Sooners face Florida's Gators in college football's championship game in Miami on Thursday night at 7PM.  Many Sooner fans who couldn't make it to south Florida have displays of their OU fanaticism all over Lawton - flags, jerseys, banners, and even giant inflatable Sooner football players. 

Fans at Mike's Sports Grill waited with anticipation all day as Sooner fans geared up to see their team in action.  Most had to go to work, but decided to make Thursday "Bring Your Sooner Pride to Work" day.  "A bunch of us - as you can see - put our colors on today, and we decided in preparation for a big smackdown that we were going to celebrate our Sooner Nation pride," said Sooner fan Joe Wotring during a work break.  "So we had some hors d'oeuvres, snacks, and we're just looking forward to the game tonight."

Fans brought in flags and other decorations so they would have Sooner pride all day at the office.  At another office across town, workers donned crimson and cream along with doctor's orders.  "It's pretty much expected that on game day the employees will show up in their Oklahoma red apparel," said Sooner fan Dr. Mark Cotton.  Some wore customized jerseys, and one nurse even wore OU scrubs.  "They like it," said Cotton.  "They're all into the bowl season and the Championship Game.  Most of the patients are Sooner fans, and even if they're not, they're supporting the Sooners."

Dr. Cotton doesn't only decorate on game day - he has on OU exam room complete with old bleachers from the stadium.  "Oklahoma is a year-round sport.  It's followed not just through the season but in the post-season, recruiting, and the summertime getting excited about the upcoming season," he said. 

Who they think will win shouldn't surprise anyone.
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