Texoma home to Gator fans, too

Texoma is a diverse region, and you can't go far before you find some Florida Gator fans  Fort Sill, the Lawton Mayor's Office, and even Rider High School in Wichita Falls are home to local Gator fans looking for a big win in Miami.

Folks probably wouldn't expect the Mayor of Lawton to be rooting for Florida - but, John Purcell has a good excuse...he grew up in Miami and went to school at the University of Florida.  "When I was a senior, Steve Spurrier was the quarterback," said Purcell.  "He won the Heisman the year after I graduated, so of course I'm a Florida fan."

Purcell has his stuffed Albert the Gator Mascot and a Gator license plate o his car - but, he says he isn't trying to flaunt it.  "I tried to keep a low-key, however the media does not want me to keep a low key, so here we are doing this," he said.  "My friends are now my enemies, so it's going to be an interesting night."

Fort Sill Lieutenant Colonel Wallace McCloyd can't hide his true colors - even in camouflage.  "I've just always grew up in the SEC conference, and I just always been a Gator fan - back in Danny Wuerffel days, and Steve Spurrier," he said.  "I've just always been a Gator fan."

Some students and faculty at Rider High School in Wichita Falls are Gator fans, too.  The school is the home of Florida Wide Reciver David Nelson who will play for his second national championship on Thursday.  "We've got to be careful," said Coach Scott Ponder.  "We have a player going to Oklahoma next year, too, so we'll have to ride the fence a little bit - we hope David does great."

Mayor Purcell says both teams are deserving.  "They both deserve it, they both have great teams," he said.  "I think it will be a great game, and I think everyone will have a good time."

Florida Gator and Wichita Falls Native, David Nelson, will have company from Texoma while he's in Miami.  A few Sooners hail from these parts, and they soon will be joined by Comanche Native Brandon Crow, a linebacker for the Sooners, and Altus Native Michael Hayes, a defense back.  Those two will have company next year when Lawton Mac product Javon Harris puts on the "Crimson and Cream."  Wichita Falls Rider standout Eric Ward decided not to follow Nelson to Florida - he's going to be a Sooner.