Jackson County DA says Oklahoma will not be conceded to drug users

Altus_Southwest Oklahoma law enforcement cashed in on a six-month undercover drug operation on Friday morning, netting at least 19 suspected drug dealers from Jackson, Kiowa, and Tillman counties.  More than 65 officers had arrest warrants for 28 individuals, and District Three's DA Drug Task Force, along with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs spearheaded the effort.  The Jackson County District Attorney's Office says they will not concede the State of Oklahoma to drug users, and while it took them six months to make these arrests, they say they made a big dent in the problem.

Officers came from the air and ground to swoop in and serve arrest warrants in county after county.  Jackson County DA John Wampler says the streets are a bit safer now, but there's more work to do.  "It's continuing," he said.  "We've still got several individuals outstanding we have not arrested yet.  Typically, additional arrests will follow in the next few days."

Wampler says he's grateful that the large operation went off without a hitch.  "Many times, the individuals are known to be dangerous individuals based on their past history, or what we learned through the investigation," he said.

Robin Woolridge was arrested in her home on North Crane Street in Altus.  She is accused of distributing crack cocaine.  Wampler says he wants to get drug dealers off the street.  "It's made available for individuals looking to purchase it," he said.  "It's important to get all of them off the streets we can."

The District Attorney's Office says they are continuing the investigation, and expect to make more arrests in the coming days.

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