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Faces of meth addiction: Part 1

Lawton_Former meth user Chris Solid says it took hitting rock-bottom before he made the decision to turn his life around.  He says it controlled his life.  Now, Chris says his former addiction is helping others.  7NEWS is profiling the lives of recovering meth uses as part of the "Crystal Darkness" campaign.  The campaign is a statewide initiative to help stop the spread of meth. 

Chris Solid should be an inspiration to everyone.  "It's really been a long road back," he said.  He was a meth user for more than ten years, and he has been clean for seven.  "I'd like to tell you it's been easy, but it hasn't," said Solid.  After hitting rock-bottom he began to turn his life around.  "I had to hit my own personal bottom," he said.  "In 2000 my wife died, my house burnt down, I had no family in Lawton, Oklahoma, and the only thing I knew was the drug community."

Solid says he lost multiple jobs, and was in and out of the hospital after overdosing.  "I ended up living under the bridge on Lee Boulevard over by Railroad Street until one day I seen somebody that I knew, and she asked me to go to a meeting," he said.  "I ended up going to one of the 12-step programs, and I've been sober almost seven years now."

He says his routine and drive are what have kept him sober for this long.  "I wake up at 5 in the morning, I go to a 6AM meeting, and I will go to a meeting at lunchtime," he said.  "I'll do the same thing again tomorrow, and I've done the same thing for several years now."

Solid says he didn't stop after he helped himself - now, he's helping others.  He has opened his own business, too - "Solid Plumbing."  He says some of his workers also are recovering addicts.  "When someone that I see that's afflicted with the disease has the same opportunities that I had to sober up," he said.  For those coping with meth addiction, Chris Solid is proof that there's hope.  "I stayed away from the people I once was hanging out with," he said. 

This story is part of a series for the "Crystal Darkness" campaign, and 7News will be airing the documentary "Crystal Darkness - Oklahoma" on Tuesday, January 13 at 6:30PM.  If you need support, there are watch parties scheduled throughout Texoma, and there are professionals available to help you if you dial 211 after the documentary.  Click here for a list of watch party locations.

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