Dangers of third-hand smoke

Lawton_With so many health problems caused by smoking, it may be surprising to hear that over 25 percent of Oklahomans still smoke. But its effects reach even further.

Third-hand smoke stays in clothes, walls, and everything a smoker is around. It's just as dangerous. Unlike smoking, you can't quit the damage it causes. "You're not getting them directly from the smoke but you're getting them from what's leftover after the smoke," said smoking prevention expert Sandy Foster.

It's leftover for children, infants, and the elderly. It leaves behind the harmful effects they never asked for. Among them, "lung diseases, copd, it causes emphysema, makes it difficult to breathe," said Foster. That's along with all forms of cancer. Now doctors are even connecting it to breast cancer.

Experts say, smoking is guaranteed to cause the problems that are written right there on the box. "If you use a cigarette, if you use spit tobacco, it you use chewing tobacco as you're supposed to, as intended, it's going to kill one in 3 people that do that," said Foster.

If you would like to get involved with the smoking prevention movement in Lawton, you can call Sandy Foster at 510-7080. If you want help quitting call the Tobacco Helpline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.