Faces of meth addiction: Part 2

Lawton_As a licensed counselor Heidi Payne has more experience with drug addiction than many others.  She works for the Department of Rehabilitation Services, and she was once addicted to crystal meth.  Payne used the drug for thirteen years, and says she was a 'functioning addict.'  "I would have never imagined that I would be where I am today10 years ago," she said.  "I thought I would be dead within a matter of months."

But, she wasn't - and she continued to work.  "I always worked , always supported myself because I knew if a I didn't have that income coming then I couldn't afford to support my habit," she said.  At 40 years old, she says it all came crashing down.  She says quitting wasn't easy - it took her a few tries.  "I pretty much cried my first year of recovery," she said.  With the help of counselors and meetings, Payne has been clean for almost 10 years.  "It's a lot of hard work, but my life is so wonderful now," she said.

Payne works for the same agency that helped her recover.  "They sent me to school, and got my degrees - I got two degrees - and then they hired me about a year and a half ago."  She says she admits that helping others is her new addiction.

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