Lawton man dies hero after helping family escape burning home

Lawton_A Lawton man died a hero on Monday night after firefighters say he helped his family escape from their burning home. While he didn't make it out alive himself after the fire began on the 700 Block of Southwest Sedalia Avenue in the Ranch Oaks Edition, he did help the two other residents escape through a window.

Fire officials say they were surprised anyone was able to make it out, because the fire blocked all exits. Alonzo was able to save his wife and her daughter through the small window, but it was so small he was unable to make it through.

Deputy Fire Chief Lonnie London says the fire started in the living room, and blocked the one and only hallway leading to an exit. "He helped get them [the other residents] out the window," he said. "The one lady was cut pretty severely. The other was cut slightly from going through the window." The injured woman was taken to the hospital.

London said there did not appear to be smoke detectors in the house, and the family had recently moved to the residence. While the fire marshal is investigating, the say there is no reason to suspect foul play.

What killed Love still is not officially known, but fire officials say they believe it was smoke inhalation.