Faces of meth addiction - part three

Lawton_Trude Schenker's meth addiction began sooner than many. "I started drugs when I was fourteen," she said. Unfortunately, her addiction didn't end early either. "I used all through my 20 s and 30 s, and I didn't use every day - I was a binger. I would go for like a couple months, then I d clean up get healthy again."

She says one high would trigger a binge in 1999 that sent her over the edge. "It was just devastating. It took me all the way down." Schenker says that after years of rehabilitation, counseling, and meetings, her things started to look up. "My life started getting so much better, ya know? Today, I have five-and-a-half years of continued sobriety," she said.

Now, Trude Schenker says she's going back to school. "I quit school when I was 15, so I've pretty much measured my self worth by my education." She began at Cameron University as a full time student. "I did well, I made As," she said. This semester she says she's going enroll as a part-time student. However, she says she still will have goals. "I would one day like to have a degree."