Grandfield residents complain of murky water

Grandfield_Something is in the City of Grandfield's water - and it isn't something folks want to drink. Now, the city has hired a chemist to determine what it is. A lot of citizens in the town have complained of brown, murky water - some even say it has ruined their clothes.

The city says the water is safe - regardless of its color. They say something such as an equipment malfunction can cause the discoloration, and while it looked okay on Tuesday, Grandfield resident Terry Josefy says it doesn't always. "You can get you a glass of water and hold it up to the up above your eye - you can see it's brown," he said.

City Manager Randy Clark says that despite the brown color, the water is safe - merely unstable from different sources of water combining. "when ground water and lake water meet together, they don t like each other," he said. Josefy says he isn't taking any chances - especially after reading his water bill. "Every one of them says that pregnant women and babies ain t supposed to drink this water," he said. He also says it ruins his laundry from time to time. "When you wash your white clothes, it ruins your white clothes, and all your towels."

Clark says that every city has water problems, and that Grandfield's actually is better than water from store shelves. "I d place far more confidence in the water from the public supply than I would bottled waters," he said. The City Manager says the lake and ground water are mixed to combat high levels of nitrates in the water. After Frederick had successful results analyzing their water with a chemist they had hired, Clark says Grandfield now sends off water samples monthly to the State Water Resources Board to be tested for bacteria.