Lawton man hailed a hero

Lawton_He died a hero. That's how a Lawton man's family and friends remember his life. Alonzo Love died when his Ranch Oaks house caught fire Monday night. He saved his wife and daughter by getting them through a small window when fire blocked the only exit. But he didn't make it himself and died of smoke inhalation.

Fire officials say the fire probably started in some foam padding in a piece of furniture. When that happens, it can produce thick black smoke which if inhaled, can cause you to lose consciousness quickly.

Friends tell 7NEWS the thing they remember most about Alonzo is his unselfishness. They say that is how he lived and how he died.

Good friend Lester Jackson remembers the music he and Love made together -- Jackson on piano, Love on guitar -- every Sunday morning at church. "I'll miss him because he was my crutch when it comes to music." He says Alonzo was always full of life, but even more so, the last Sunday he was alive. "If you could see him Sunday there's no way you'd believe he'd be gone on Monday."

Jackson says Alonzo was a role model up until the very end. "That's just like Alonzo. He's going to make sure everything around him is good. When that's done, he'll take care of himself." Jackson says Alonzo would want his funeral to be a celebration of life, rather than a mourning of his death. "He wouldn't want too much crying he would want the music to be good he would want the music to be loud. So that's what we're going to do for him...we're going to sing it loud," said Jackson.

Alonzo Love's funeral is scheduled for Saturday, January 17th at the Church of the Living God  in Frederick at 3 o'clock. To make a donation to Alonzo Love's wife, you can contact Friendship Baptist Church. The number is 357-7479.