Wii Fit or gym?

Lawton_The Nintendo Wii is a popular toy.  You can even get a good workout from using the Wii Fit Game. But would you actually turn in your gym membership for the electronic routine?

A Lawton personal trainer says the Wii workout is good option for some. "I think is good for those who want to say at home and for those that choose to spend that much money at one time," said Tuesday Rivera. Rivera adds one-on-one time is important with clients. "They can do what it tells them but they can't ask any questions later. If something doesn't feel right they can't say well how come this doesn't feel right or am I doing it wrong. They can't really interact with it."

For gym fanatics, it varies. "Just all depends if you are focused or not. If you are real focused you probably could do it," said Cyril Brown

People at the gym said they haven't seen a drop off in memberships and they don't anticipate one anytime soon.