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West Texas Rehab Part 4

Abilene_Rehabilitation can be a tedious, frustrating process, but therapists work with patients to try to make it enjoyable.

  7-year-old Breanna Hodges has been a patient at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center all her life. "Because of my legs. I just can't walk by myself yet."

  Doctors diagnosed Breanna with cerebral palsy when she was nine-months-old.  She couldn't do things a regular baby could, like pick up her head or crawl.

She's made amazing progress thanks to her therapy. "When she was close to three years old, they put her up in front of a walker and she took her first steps," said Breanna's mom Fransuelle Hodges.

  Breanna had surgery when she was three and a half to lengthen the tendons in her legs.  Hopefully her therapy will help avoid another. "We have to, kind of, work on both, maintaining or getting new range of motion and working on strength, so that she is able to support herself.  Standing up and walking and all the things she needs to do," said Breanna's physical therapist Lori Boyd.

  Boyd became Breanna's physical therapist five months ago, but she's known Breanna since day one. "I've been able to see all the milestones along the way, from learning to combat crawl, to getting herself up into sitting, to pulling to stand and walking."

  Therapy can be tough, but it's hard to miss the joy on Breanna's face.  Her smile says it all of how she feels about her friends at the rehab center. "They make her feel like she's at home.  If she misses a session, she gets very upset because she always wants to come," said her mom.

  That relationship is key to her success. "Our therapists can probably push them a little harder because of that relationship--the patient wanting to respond and do well for the therapist."

  Breanna's mother says she can't thank the staff enough, for all they've done, and continue to do, for her daughter. "They've helped her so much.  I don't have a doubt that one of these days, she's going to walk on her own."

Until then, Breanna says the West Texas Rehab Center is a great place to be. "Because it is fun here, and you're around children like me!"

  The West Texas Rehab Center will have its annual telethon Saturday night January 17th at 7 on your 7NEWS station. It's the rehab center's primary fundraiser each year.  Last year, they raised over a million dollars. 

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