Wilco lays off dozens in Marlow

Marlow_We've heard of lay-offs across the country and Thursday one hit here in Texoma at Wilco Machine and Fab in Marlow. The oil equipment production company laid off dozens of employees. Some have worked at Wilco for a few months. Some have worked there for several years. But to all of them, the lay off came unexpectedly.

"All of sudden you know were handed our walking papers, it was definitely a surprise, can't say it wasn't," said one worker.

Workers say they've heard of things like this. But never thought it could happen to them. "As for any actual confirmation for why we got laid off, it's up to anybody's imagination," said another worker.

Representatives from Wilco say they lost a major part of their business. They say more than one company pulled contracts and Wilco couldn't afford to keep its entire staff. "That's why I'm off looking for jobs today. I got a wife and kid to support," said a worker. "I've always been resourceful. I land on my feet. I feel for the men that has families and kids in school," said another worker.

Wilco is a family-owned business, with about 200 employees.  Company representatives say it was emotional, difficult, and upsetting to fire people they call friends. But those feelings were felt on both sides.  "I hate to see it for Wilco and I hate to see it for Marlow because Wilco's been good to Marlow and Marlow's been good to Wilco," said one longtime employee.

The owners of Wilco tell 7NEWS they called several companies in the area telling them they had a work-force reduction. They hoped some may be able to offer jobs to those who lost their jobs.